The Ski Bob Association of Great Britain (SAGB) is the controlling authority for Ski Biking in the UK. A British National Skibike Week is organised by the SAGB at an Alpine Resort and every year they hold a British National Skibike Championships. The SAGB run novice courses and arrange race training for potential racers. The SAGB promotes a National Skibike Racing Team that competes at the World Skibob Championships. SAGB also encourages individuals to compete in the Federation Internationale de Skibob (FISB) World Cup.

President : David Spry
Vice President : Richard Platt. Email
Chairman : Tim Platt Email
Chief Instructor : Doug Davie Email
Membership Secretary : Email
Racing Secretary : Nic Platt Email
Treasurer : Tin McSweeny Email

BLESMA Rep : Bob Monkhouse
London Club : TBC